Recorded January 3rd, 2021, joined by Lingerr, Haitham and Daz. On the day when we lost Gerry Marsden, singer of the club’s anthem – RIP Gerry. We touch on the last game of the year, and of some the reaction on social media. Although it was hard not to reference the cameo from Thiago. We detour into penalties and question whether VAR is actually the handicapping system that the Premier League are using to keep the race tight this year, and therefore maintain a level of interest. How do Leicester have 10 penalties and we only have 5? We’d like to propose that teams that have hippity-hoppity penalty takers are denied any penalties.. Champions of England was clearly a highlight of 2020, albeit one celebrated without fans. Hendo, Robbo and Keita all get a mention – you’ll have to listen to hear the conclusions. We have an interesting chat about Twitter, the Leeds Utd Twitter account and wonder whether the absence of social interaction is driving so much that’s extreme on the platform. Either way no space for misogyny or racism. Finish with some thoughts about aspirations for 2021 – let’s get back to being the best team in the world, shall we? I think we all had a good time recording this one, hope you enjoy it too!

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