Welcome to the First State Kopites podcast. It’s episode 26 of season 3 – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of those Liverpool supporters. Thanks for listening on your preferred platform, we are available on ALL of them (and on YouTube).

It’s February 13th, Reds have just gone to Burnley and avoided a banana skin. Joined by Enrique, Daz and Sean.

So how do we categorize this one:

  • Fortunate to survive a scrappy performance OR league winning 2019-20 performance
  • And let’s not forget the wind and the rain…..

On Thursday, they battered an increasingly annoying Leicester 2-0 and it could and probably should have been 5. xG 3.27 vs. 0.45 – however the eye test tells me we could easily have had 3 more – Salah off the frame of the goal, the one that hit Schmeichel’s inside leg and just failed to cross the line, and the 1 on 1.

  • Luis Diaz (el Quintero Beatle?)
  • Virgil (and Joel)
  • Elliott above Jones in the pecking order?
  • Team selection

Week ahead – Internationale and Norwich at home: Inter had a hard fought draw with Napoli yesterday Norwich predictably lost to City

Back to penalties after Salah is cleaned out against Leicester, tripped against Burnley and still no penalty:

  • As our friend Simon Brundish eloquently put it, re:Leicester, ‘How the f** was that not a penalty?’
  • Englands Raheem Sterling has been awarded 26 Pens from 1218 touches inside the box having dribbled into the box 298 times
  • Egypts Mohamed Salah has been awarded 13 pens from 1751 touches inside the box having dribbled into the box 328 times……..
  • Senegals Sadio Mane has been awarded 8 pens from 1246 touches in the box and 287 dribbles into it
  • Englands Jamie Vardy has 14 pens awarded from 774 touches inside the box and 136 dribbles into it o
  • Englands Rashford has 12 from 835 TIB and 184 Dribbles into Box

Others 1) Net Spend story from CIES Observatory. 2) #onlysalah corner – Phil Foden away goals…

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