Welcome to the latest edition of First State Kopites – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of those Liverpool supporters.

It’s episode 8 of our 4th season. I’m Paul and I am joined by Haitham and Sean. We began last week by saying that the 2022-23 season has not started the way we all hoped. And it can always be worse 

Losing to the Mancs – never a good experience

  • Much debate over performances – was it individual errors, poor shape, or a lack of intensity? Did we just give them too much hope.
  • xG – 2.02 vs 1.5
  • Playing like Nunez was present weren’t we? Are we going to spend the season developing a new way of playing. Diaz and Salah as wide as can be.
  • Good points from the game? Lot of injuries.

Looking ahead:

  • 2 home games
  • How many players will be coming back?
  • Now got to win 30 out of 35
  • What is Jurgen’s mindset?

What else is going on?

  • Leniency is going to be an issue isn’t it
  • Chelsea lost and City dropped points
  • Transfer window closes

We’ll be back next week after Liverpool play Bournemouth. Thanks to Sean and Haitham. If you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend. 

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