Our first August 2020 edition drops. Michael Crump form LFC Atlanta joins us to reflect on the rise of the Mighty Reds over the last five years, the genius of Gini, and how frequently the Barcelona nights have happened and are likely to happen in the future. Michael shares his own “Corner Taken Quickly’ story #CornerTakenQuickly

There’s no doubt that @LFCAtlanta #LFCATL is a supporters club with a more professional video game than we have.

We talk about fears for next season and the challenges that we will face – our challengers have things for us to be concerned about, but equally they have things they need to address. Not concerned about Harry Maguire and Kepa, but with Oblak it might be different.

Other links we referenced!

1. LFC Atlanta – http://lfcatlanta.com

2. Klopp’s Promise – https://youtu.be/2JTnZSVMov4

3. Levi Tafari’s poem – https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/1698682