B+ and the Food Bank of Delaware both have very important events coming up that we’d love our community to participate in and/or support.

B+’s annual event is a walk/5K taking place on Wednesday, June 14th at Salesianum School. There is a $25 fee:


Food Bank of Delaware’s walk/run will take place on Sunday, May 7th at 222 Lake Drive in Newark. The cost is $30, however OLSCDE will be sponsoring the first 10 participants. So sign up quickly!

Here is the link for the event itself: https://www.fbd.org/5k/

Here is the link to join our OLSCDE Team: https://raceroster.com/registration/48122462-ce14-4962-89ff-0ba198fb5acb/entry?team=519779

And here is our team page for donations if you’d rather do that: https://raceroster.com/events/2023/71892/3rd-annual-out-run-hunger-5k/pledge/team/519779

Thanks to our Liverpool FC family in advance for however you choose to help out these very worthy causes. Whether it’s participating, donating, sharing, or some combination of all three… let’s get some amazing results for these charities!



The OLSCDE Board