January 24th 2020 Enrique from OLSC Delaware plus Sean and Paul talk over the game at Old Trafford. There were definitely bright spots, just need that to translate into form in the weeks and months ahead.
Looking for themes:
o Our xG suggests that we should have scored 6.6 goals in the last 4 games, when actual goals has been zero. Can we get back to exceeding xG?
o The low block has been a challenge, although many factors seem to have made the low block harder – teams are not trying as hard to press us, they are chewing up the clock on stoppages in play, and the absence of a crowd has made that easier (why are the TV companies panning away from the play so readily when our opponents have a throw in? They know that have at least 20 seconds to fill….
o The issue of another centre half has polarized opinion amongst fans – Sean and Enrique make the case for bringing in an experienced center back for under $25 million pounds. Paul is looking forward to the transfer window closing.
For the coming week, come on your reds!

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