While we are members of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Delaware, this is an independent view of our great club and how fans experience this great team. Today, Chris Perkins – author of ‘Let’s Talk About Six’ joins us to talk about the book and many other facets of supporting this great club. The book is one of our recommendations. We talk about his first experiences of seeing the Reds – Kenny, John Barnes, they are part of the Mighty Reds narrative. Fast forward to Barcelona at home in 2019, we don’t get tired of hearing this story… sounds like many people in the ground missed the ‘Corner Taken Quickly’. We talk about 2019-20 and the way we all processed the season and what moments we were able to remember. Chris suggested the 2019-20 was an anticlimax with the absence of fans and watching us win the league in absentia. I think we were able to balance the conversation and realize that many of the previous league winning triumphs didn’t necessarily have a high point, it was more often than not about a moment or a series of moments. In this season, the Mo Salah goal to close out the Man United home game was at least on of those moments in 2019-20. It’s unbelievable that we are able to connect to people around the world (mostly Liverpool) that share our passion and we are able to have such great conversations. #YNWA #OLSC302 #LetsTalkAboutSix