This week – November 8th, 2020, we have special guest Haitham from Chicago, Daz from Baltimore and our own Enrique Jackson. Great opportunity to talk at length about the City game. The importance of Allison, the effectiveness of Joel Matip, and the roles of Gini, Bobby and Diogo Jota in this performance and beyond. Some conversation about the formation, was it 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 or some combination in between?

We detour into some more bizarre VAR based refereeing decisions.

Then we get to the excitement of seeing Thiago and Fabinho return after the international break. And what’s the right call for lining up against Leicester, Atalanta and Brighton when we return? Hoping as few international games to happen in the break so that some players get a chance to recover. We finish with some great shout outs to Liverpool Women, Atalanta, Marcus Rashford, and Harvey Elliott. #ItsGood2BeFirst #TellUsNever #OLSCFamily #FirstStateKopites #OLSC302