Recorded September 27th, 2020. We are delighted to have Peter Hooton on the podcast. The chat ranges from Bill Shankly to Sadio Mane and from Joe Strummer of the Clash to Eric Cantona. We name check Wade Smith, Geoff Twentyman (an important figure in Liverpool’s successful history) and Big Audio Dynamite. Of course we mention his band, the Farm. Peter is the author of ‘The Boot Room Boys’ – based around a series of rare photos of the boot room and the wider Liverpool FC story. This includes the Paisley/Emlyn Hughes photo that was used for the Paisley statue now outside Anfield. Emlyn also shows up in Peter’s best Liverpool 11. He offers some insight into how Liverpool fell off their perch (maybe earlier than is generally acknowledged. The rediscovery of Northern Soul is partly responsible for our resurgence. He also talks about Spirit of Shankly and the challenging Hicks and Gillette years. And shares insights around Paul Rice that were new to us. Along the way we get to reference 3/4 time and the bizarre UK licensing laws that sustained through the 70s and 80s. #LoveSeeNoColor #YNWA #WadeSmithLiverpool #TheFarm #TheBootRoomBoys