Welcome to the First State Kopites podcast. It’s episode 16 of season 3 – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of Liverpool supporters in Delaware. Thanks for listening on your preferred platform, we are available on ALL of them (and you can find us on YouTube). 

Delighted to be joined by Justin from New York, Daz from Baltimore with me here in Delaware.

It’s November 21st, the Reds have issued their traditional beatening of Arsenal – 4-0 at Anfield yesterday. Going to send most of our time dissecting that:

Are Arsenal an easy touch for us? 32 goals scored in the last 9 games at home. Mane scored his 7th in 10 games against them and Jota now has 4 in 3.

  • Slow start – first 30 felt in hindsight like a deliberate attempt to work our way into the game, get comfortable after the minor slump of West Ham and the 2nd half at Brighton. Might have turned into our best performance of the season, or is that giving too much credit to Arsenal – 
  • Defense with Tsimikas – offsides looked more deliberate. VVD looked good, didn’t he? And of course 2 more Trent assists – he’s a good footballer said Klopp.
  • Midfield. Thiago-Fabinho looks so solid. Chamberlain – Landmark performance? Tyler Morton. Counter press was insane – Klopp.
  • Attack – ‘only Salah’… Jota goal and the proper knock. Mane – not great for 35 minutes and then…

Other topics:

  • Big picture – the mess that is Manchester United
  • Porto – our expectations
  • Southampton – what is the biggest risk?

We’ll be back after the Southampton game to hopefully chat about the Reds continuing to win. Thanks to everyone – if you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend. Follow us on Twitter  – we only tweet and re-tweet from sources we think are credible

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