Welcome to the First State Kopites podcast. It’s episode 20 of season 3 – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of Liverpool supporters in Delaware. Thanks for listening on your preferred platform, we are available on ALL of them (and you can find us on YouTube).   

Happy Holidays to all our listeners and viewers. Daz, Haitham and Justin join Paul to assess the last week and then look ahead  

2 draws in a week, obviously very different emotions in place for these 2..  

o   Spurs – fresh from a Covid outbreak… VAR, Tierney, Kane, brand new midfield. ‘This is what the premier league is about’. Could have lost this one, but maybe not with a level playing field.  

o   Leicester – fresh from a Covid outbreak, field a really strong team and manage to create some great chances. After the changes at half time – Diogo Jota leads the way. Brendan Rogers finally gets to experience a great Anfield night under the lights   

Upcoming…  away at Leicester and Chelsea with no game now on Boxing Day. If we play all of these games we will be more than half way through the league season.  

Other stuff: 

o     Teams with zero transparency about cases – I think we are learning that this is to protect the non-vaccinated. 

o     Afcon and it’s impact on the Reds  

We’ll be back after the Leicester game to hopefully chat about the Reds continuing to win. Thanks to everyone – if you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend. Follow us on Twitter  – we only tweet and re-tweet from sources we think are credible (not Rickie Lambert)

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