Paul Gaskell


Paul is a native of Liverpool and supported LFC since he was 6 years old. OLSC Delaware has grown in his time as leader of the group. In 2021, Paul was nominated and won re-election as president.

Ryan Matarese


Prior to having a local fan club in Delaware, Ryan was part of LFC-NY, and never missed an opportunity to be part of the global LFC family. He has been instrumental in expanding the role of the OLSC-DE. Ryan was the interim treasurer. As of 02/23/2019, Ryan was nominated and won re-election.

Kathleen Pasqualini


Lee Starnes


Lee is a strategy analyst at one of the many banks here in Delaware. He is also an avid road cyclist. Lee became a Liverpool supporter in 1995 while working In Chester, a town approximately 20 miles south of Liverpool.

Michelle Stott


Michelle became a Liverpool supporter in high school. She had been a fan of the beautiful game for a while but hadn’t found a club that she felt connected to until she discovered LFC and felt inspired listening to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ being sung at Anfield. When she learned of the supporter’s club in Delaware, she was excited to join a group of people that was as passionate as she was about the club.

Catherine Pomeroy


Jennifer Leonard


Jennifer Hendrickson

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Ward Holck