OLSC-DE Leadership

Paul Gaskell, President of the Liverpool Football Club in Delaware

Paul Gaskell


Paul is a native of Liverpool and supported LFC as a kid. OLSC-DE has grown tremendously since inception under his leadership and guidance. As of 02/23/2019, Paul was nominated and won re-election as president.

Ryan Matarese


Prior to having a local fan club in Delaware, Ryan was part of LFC-NY, and never missed an opportunity to be part of the global LFC family. He has been instrumental in expanding the role of the OLSC-DE. Ryan was the interim treasurer. As of 02/23/2019, Ryan was nominated and won re-election.

Talia Goren

Membership Coordinator

Talia owns a studio with her dad where she writes and sings music for mixed media. She also teaches contemporary music in many formats. Talia was born a Liverpool supporter, but really started taking ownership of it her senior year of high school, when she fell in love with the values, playing style, and overall attitude of the club, eventually growing to appreciate the finer details of the game and its surrounding activities.

…And of course- Liverpool has the best music of any club! YNWA.

John Bowen


I’m a systems engineer for an annuity services company in West Chester. I fell in love with Liverpool in the early 2000s watching Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard lead the attack.

Jon Ngah

Community and Outreach Coordinator

Jon has always expressed his passion, love and respect for LFC, and focuses on expanding the OLSC-DE role supporting our local community. As of 02/23/2019, Jon received the votes for this newly created position.

Tim Kaiser

Social Media Coordinator

Tim is a retired paramedic and currently manages a family-owned self-storage facility. He doesn’t much care for social media, but does have plenty of free time with which to curate it. He became an LFC supporter just a few years ago, after reading an article correlating the sports cultures in Liverpool and his native Philadelphia region. Tim is red.

Brendan Rennwanz


Brendan moved to Delaware 6 years ago and has never looked back. He currently works at a company that handles asbestos claims. The Miracle of Istanbul is what drew Brendan to LFC. He has enjoyed getting to meet, raise a pint, and celebrate with fellow Reds through the supporters group.

Lee Starnes


Lee is a strategy analyst at one of the many banks here in Delaware. He is also an avid road cyclist. Lee became a Liverpool supporter in 1995 while working In Chester, a town approximately 20 miles south of Liverpool.