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Expectations for OLSC Delaware Members

  • Every OLSC Delaware member represents the LFC values.
  • Every OLSC Delaware member has read and will abide by the bylaws approved as of 02/23/2019.
  • There is no form of race, gender, religion or any kind of discrimination during official OLSC Delaware events from members.
  • Membership is $30 each season, payable to the OLSC Delaware Venmo, and each member receives a T-shirt with sign-up

This Means More

“LFC is unique to me because of the attitude of the club and unwavering support of the fans. The politics of the club never get in the way like it does at some other clubs. And the fans are passionate beyond compare. When watching a Liverpool game, everything else seems to fade into the background. Winning the game and supporting the team becomes my focus. Watching with other Liverpool OSC-DE fans enriches the experience because you collectively share the highs and lows with other passionate individuals.”

- Michelle S.

“I’ve been a LFC supporter for as long as I can remember! It’s our family team, and we truly feel that LFC supporters, as well as the team are one big family. Whether we’re winning or not, there’s such a warm and welcoming feeling that just never leaves you. I love finding Liverpool supporters wherever I travel. I’ve had situations where I’m in the middle of an airport in Belgium and end up talking to someone about Liverpool… or getting falafel in Israel. We’re everywhere.”

– Talia G.

“Besides the love and passion supporting LFC in good and in bad times, OSC-DE means more to me because I found an extended group of individuals, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who genuinely care for each person they encounter.”

– Jonathan N.

“The OSC-DE and being a part of this amazing football club is simply a part of my extended family.”

– Ernesto