#FirstStateKopites end of year edition. Haitham and Daz join Paul to reflect on the highs and lows from Palace to West Brom. Rollercoaster sounds such a cliche, so we will say that the Palace second half created an illusion of ‘we’re back’, West Brom was like a 3 act play where we went from that back to the worst of the Fulham self-doubt.  
Anxiety in the stadium, VAR MIA, Mane being wrestled for 90 minutes and the impact of the Matip injury are all mitigating factors. Still, as much as we can talk about this as exciting and a throwback season with so many in contention, we really wanted to see daylight at the top don’t we?  
We finish by chatting about what happens next – Covid cases are rising. Wouldn’t it have been great if the Premier League had a plan, but in their haste to make the season seem normal (when it’s obviously not) they’ve left themselves with limited room for maneuver.  
In all the upcoming games we manage to play – come on you Mighty Reds!  
Wishing you a happy 2021 everyone. 

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