It’s the latest edition of the First State Kopites podcast – a podcast for Liverpool fans in Delaware and friends of Liverpool fans in Delaware. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or YouTube. Recorded May 4th, 2021 – 47 years since the Reds beat Newcastle United to win their 2nd FA Cup.  

Tim has rejoined Sean and Paul as we turn our attention to some developments in Germany 

We chat about the non-happening United game and the fan protest about the Glazers: 

Many column inches, most of them seemingly quite favorable towards the protests – some seem to be specifically excusing the behaviors as justified.  We discuss calls for solidarity among football fans, Gary Neville (again), and how much anti-American feeling is out there?   

Looking to the Bundesliga: 

The impact of Bayern and the seeming lack of competitiveness  Changes at RB Leipzig…. Nagelsmann, Jessie Marsh, Upamecano and potentially Ibrahima Konate to Anfield?  Tim helps us navigate the 50+1 ownership rules – we note that despite this, 30% of recent revenue growth in the league has gone to Dortmund and Bayern.  

Elsewhere in LIverpool related news –  

FA Youth Cup – James Balagizi, Billy Koumetio and the Polish Messi – Matuesz Musialowski – Jurgen – Red Sox cap – how much do we want to read into that? – Harry Wilson hat trick for Cardiff this weekend… what does the future hold?

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