Recorded December 13, 2020. Good friends of the #FirstStateKopites podcast, Hatitham, Ben and Daz join Sean and Paul to recap the week of 1–1 draws with Mijdttland and Fulham. As you might expect, lots of chatter about team selection, injuries and fitness levels. We will be working on a special edition ‘Positivity of Ben’ episode before the end of the season. In the interim, Ben brings us back to the reality that the Reds are still top of the league, and they have some great players coming back soon. And that Curtis Jones is now officially one of this collection of great players – so close to being an absolute hero today at Fulham. Taki and Neco get an honorable mention from today as well. Big week coming up – total focus on the Premier League – 2 wins vs. Spurs and Palace would make a big difference in how we approach the Festive Fixtures. Conclude with the thought that the 2000 Scousers on Wednesday might be sufficiently lubricated to make it a loud and beautiful evening. 

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