This is the undedited version of First State Kopites podcast Thanks for joining us on First State Kopites – it’s episode 3 of our 4th season.

I’m Paul and I am joined by Enrique and Haitham. The countdown is on – 2 weeks to the Community Shield, 3 weeks to the season start Reds on tour in Thailand and Singapore

4-0 to Man United. Simon Brundish said he only watched the first 30 minutes, could have been 6-1 to Liverpool. Players in the last 30 minutes had been back with the squad 2 days.

Crystal Palace game – missing some players due to ‘vaccination status’ Never a bad thing to see Salah scoring Contractual obligation tour or useful pre-season experience? Bonding seems important Value of seeing how big the club is Anyone catch your eye? Elliott, Carvahlo? Level of concern about injuries? Jota, Alisson, Chamberlain Didn’t win a game in 2019 pre-season…. Where we are right now vs. start of the Standard Chartered deal

Transfers: Comings and goings Most impressive signing so far? Koulibaly, Sterling. Some pre-season games – United with a 100% record:) Barcelona – what is the perfect metaphor – Payday loans, drunk guy, world is ending in 2 years

Women’s Euros: England favorites? Holland struggles without Miedema. France and Spain have lost key players with ACLs

We’ll be back next week after Liverpool have played their one more pre-season game. Thanks to Haitham and Enrique.

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