Recorded December 17th, 2020. Special edition  to review the victory over Tottenham Hotspur and all that its entails (VAR, Harry Kane and our magnificent academy players), and marking the passing of Gerard Houllier, a card carrying member of the magnificent 7 of Liverpool managers from Shankly to Klopp.  We reference the many tributes to Gerard Houllier.  From Jessie Marsh to the players who loved him, and finally read the Simon Hughes piece in the Athletic, if you need  complete view of his contribution to our club – trophies, mentality and fitness.  

On to last night – so many heroes for the Reds – special shout out to Curtis (check out Barney Ronay’s piece in the Guardian) and Rhys. From Trent’s nutmeg to Bobby’s 60 yard run, it’s a great time to be a Liverpool fan. Inspired by some antics from Spurs, we delve into the ‘best team lost’ commentary – if I was Jose, I’d be very keen to gloss over the 24% possession stat. We propose a reason why Harry Kane missed a close range header – no, it wasn’t concussion.  

More on VAR and the lack of consistency in officiating (yes you referee from a city 35 miles away). We conclude with a celebration of our FIFA awards and look ahead to Liverpool getting the away game nonsense stat out of the way. Haitham helps us understand why City are not the team they once were…..

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