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This week, we are joined by Daz and Enrique. Recording this after the Newcastle game on April 24th, 2021.

Newcastle game –

o   Our finishing – ARRRGGGGHHH

o   Player review – standouts, needs a break

Super League: Now that we’ve saved football, how can we really fix it?

o   How many teams actually try to win?

o   The reality of the skew of haves and have nots

o   Nostalgia for a time when ‘anyone’ could win the league.

o    The bloated champions league – thanks UEFA

How many of the teams protesting the Super League would have signed up if asked?

How many agendas have been on show this last week – Sky Sports, Arsenal fans, Pep and competiion

How much hypocrisy has been spouted in the last 7 days?

Fan ownership, what does good ownership look like? What qualifies as good owners?

Perez – ‘Maybe we could have done better communications” ya think?

Where is the room for good ideas in the world of social media? This collective seems to be fighting to save a current model (which has morphed over 30 years) is heavily skewed towards clubs owned by very rich people.

Hysteria about the league pyramid – reality is City would won it 4 times in a row if our magnificent team hadn’t been so brilliant last year

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