Welcome to the First State Kopites podcast. It’s episode 13 of season 3 – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of Liverpool supporters in Delaware. Thanks for listening on your preferred platform, we are available on ALL of them (and you can find us on YouTube).

RIP Lee Curtis

It’s October 27th, Liverpool made it to the last 8 of the EFL Cup today beating Preston 2-0. Not really gonna dwell on this one – Thanks Divi and Taki!

We are going to dwell on the battering of Man Utd:

  • What did Liverpool do right? ‘
  • The line hasn’t looked great at times against better opposition’ said someone..
  • Was it as simple as we are a better team?.

Are we over the endless criticism of Man Utd?

  • Let’s pile on just a little more

Liverpool are more direct than previously under Klopp – Pep’s ask about what they changed? 

Upcoming Brighton at home:

  • Got to touch on xG
  • Graham Potter
  • What are we expecting?

We’ll be back next week to talk the outcome of the game with Brighton, and a guest from Redmen in Germany. Thanks to everyone – if you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend. Follow us on Twitter  – we only tweet and re-tweet from sources we think are credible

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