It’s the latest edition of the First State Kopites podcast – a podcast for Liverpool fans in Delaware and friends of Liverpool fans in Delaware. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or YouTube.

Recording May 9th, 2021, Paul is joined by pod regulars Haitham from Chicago and Daz from Baltimore. Recorded Mother’s Day, when Sean was being a model father by celebrating Mother’s Day with his wife and kids.

This week:

  • Play as badly as we have in a while and suddenly we win one that we probably shouldn’t (hasn’t happened often this season)
  • Thiago, door is closed, we have a small window – is it a mistake to be sucked back into the hope?
  • Who gave you hope on Saturday? Phillips. Ali? Big picture – hopes and expectations about the future:
  • The rest of the season – 4 games, and what do we expect from next season
  • Big anniversaries last week – 1974 2nd FA Cup win, Barca 2019
  • The future of football – Gary Neville backlash?

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