Welcome to the First State Kopites podcast. It’s episode 12 of season 3 – a podcast for Liverpool supporters in Delaware and friends of Liverpool supporters in Delaware. Thanks for listening on your preferred platform, we are available on ALL of them (and you can find us on YouTube). We are delighted to be joined by friends from Chicago to Baltimore.

This week we review the Watford game:

  • Missing players are going to be a big issue, we confidently claimed.
  • Front 3
  • How poor were Watford? Was this a bit too easy?

The Atletico Madrid match

  • A dirty win said Klopp – what’s the narrative for the game?
  • We backed off and mishit more passes at the end of the first half than I’ve seen in a while
  • moments in this one seemed more significant
  • Andrew Beesley – In their previous meeting with Atleti, Liverpool had 34 shots and only scored twice; here, they scored with their first two attempts, neither of which carried an expected goal value of greater than 0.05.
  • They are annoying but Atletico are quite good aren’t they?
  • Alisson Becker
  • The midfield
  • Naby – seized upon by the newly discredited James Pearce
  • Milner the disrupter
  • Chamberlain – is he Atleti’s kryptonite
  • o Fouls on Mane – not given

Catching up on Mo Salah chat – the newly discovered world’s best player

  • Goals and assists since the start of 2017-18 season
  • Goals from partnerships list – Salah, Rush and Hunt
  • Once more, the pass and the assist against Watford

Weekend game against United:

  • Should we be concerned about our defence? The line hasn’t look great at times against better opposition
  • What do we expect from the Reds?
  • Is this as simple as, we are so much better than them?

We’ll be back next week to talk the outcome of the game at United. Thanks to all our guests – if you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend. Follow us on Twitter – we only tweet and re-tweet from sources we think are credible

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