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t’s episode 10 of our 4th season. I’m Paul and I am joined by Daz and Sean. Was supposed to be 2 games a week for the foreseeable future. Part One – Newcastle home win “I enjoyed the win but we should have played more football,” said Jurgen – Dan Kennett shared that the ball was in play for 49 minutes (out of 99) “I don’t know [where the added time came from],” Howe said. “I would need someone else to guide me”. I hope he’s not relying on those people who are educating him on the behaviors of the Saudi ownership. You got to love a winner in additional time added because they had tried to waste the 5 minutes that had been added on. Part 2 – Everton – so much you can derive from this: Are we in crisis? Off-kilter at best. We had a good xG but the quality of the chances wasn’t exceptional Klopp’s message very much like the Champions League final – we had chances. Their goalie played well. But we looked awful when Milner came on. Part 3 – Napoli – we are definitely in a slump: 9 players not playing well – and that second goal…. Everyone can see what’s wrong. We need to reinvent ourselves. The worst performance since 2015. Ajax is tomorrow: Asked if the break could impact Liverpool’s rhythm, Klopp added: “Did you see our game [against Napoli]? If we could lose this kind of rhythm it would be really cool.” What do we expect from Liverpool If we have time: Is the Nuñez chat (not performing) something to even worry about? Does Naby ever pull on the red jersey again? Does the extended break hurt or harm us? (Players maybe coming back/ones that are just back getting more time in the training pitch vs rhythm) We’ll be back next week after Liverpool have played Ajax. Thanks to Sean and Daz.

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