Recorded April 11th, 2020, we welcome Timucin Uras from American Scouser, which is a website for Liverpool fans across North America – they also have a podcast which we’d recommend. We talk about the origin of American Scouser and its future plans – If you are interested in contributing to American Scouser, please get in touch with Timucin. We also do some reflection on the 3 games that we’ve played since the last episode – mixed bag for sure. o Arsenal – does this performance get devalued in the light of the Madrid match? o Madrid – to what extent has the first half cost us? We talk about Madrid’s tactics o 2-1 over Villa, how much of a psychological victory was this? o 3 goals in 3 for Mo, Jota – last 2 performances, reverting to mean? And we finish with our hopes and expectations for the return game with Real at Anfield.

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